Apacs 2 Compartments Padded Badminton Racket Bag AP2513 Red


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AP2513 Red

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Apacs 2 Compartments Padded Badminton Racket Bag AP2513 Red

  • 2 Compartments for rackets. (Can fit up to 6-8 rackets)
  • Short side pocket only
  • Shoe compartment from outside ( Bottom of bag )
  • High Quality Fabric.
  • Dimension: L76cm x H35cm x W19cm
  • Weight: 1.5Kg

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Apacs Z Ziggler F...
Amazing service and prompt shipment.
Love the racquets, as described on site, awesome job on the string tensions.
Highly recommend to give them a try, before buying other expensive brands with similar features."

Abby ,