About Us

Badminton Bay was founded in April 2008 because of our passion for the game of badminton. BadmintonBay.com was officially launched on the 8th of August 2008. We provide global shipping and have served more than 97 countries worldwide.

We are based in Puchong, Malaysia, which is a strategic location to operate internet business as it is surrounded by all necessary facilities. Malaysia is where the head quarters of Badminton World Federation (BWF) is located, and also one of the countries that produces top badminton players.

Our objective is to promote and encourage badminton game throughout the world. And we hope to reach out and unite all fellow badminton enthusiasts in the whole world.

We carry the latest badminton equipment, i.e. Badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, grip, string, shoes, bags, from  ABROZ, APACS, Flex Power, Felet, & RSL.  Our product line caters for beginners, intermediate and advanced level badminton players.

We are committed to supply quality badminton products worldwide, and deliver excellent customer experience.

We stock ONLY from well respected brand name badminton manufacturers in Malaysia and not just any sport equipment manufacturers.

We stand behind everything we sell at BadmintonBay.com and promise to provide the best online shopping experience. We’re committed to offering an unparalleled selection, thorough product knowledge, and excellent service.


  • Badminton as world’s number ONE favorite sports game.
  • To create understanding, harmony, unity and peace between different cultures, nationalities, races and religions through badminton game.


  • To make badminton game easily available in every corners of the world.
  • To encourage and promote badminton game to everyone.
  • To provide world class customer service.
  • To provide best quality badminton equipment and products through constant market research.