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I found your business because I was looking for a helpful website in order to select just the right badminton racket for my son. I choose your website because it had a excellent process to help me figure out exactly what racket was required.

Badminton is not popular in my area so there are no Badminton stores and the sporting goods don't stock good rackets so I was forced to go online. I choose regular shipping because it said 10-15 days and it was 16 days to Christmas. However, the racket came a day after Christmas. I suppose I didn't take into account that Malaysia was on the other side of the International date line so that would mean one extra day.

I had no idea until after the sale that I was buying from a store halfway around the world or I wouldn't have cut it so close on the shipping selection. After using your site to make an excellent selection I didn't want to take that information and buy somewhere else.

Also I got the address wrong but I sent an email and your store was most helpful in making the correction. Luckily my son was planning to stay the day after Christmas so he got his racket and is very happy with it. It is exactly what he wanted.


Bill Abrams, US | 01-01-2019

APACS Purchase

I’ve been looking to change my racquets and I wanted a good deal on the 9900. I bought 4 and got some shuttles for free - Amazing deal. BBay seems to be the better badminton site.


Raiphin, NY | 12-25-2018

Yonex Voltric 10DG Durable Grade Badminton Racket

I'm extremely satisfied with the perchase. Great customer service and fast shipping. It is hard to find a place to buy Yonex DG rackets here in Chicago.  About the racket, overall it is great. Even though it says 3U ( 85-89 g), with the grip, the racket weigh at 94.5 g, wich is technically 2U. I was impressed by the stringining work that follows the original Yonex stringing guidelines, which I haven't seen when I strung my rackets in Chicago. Tension is exactly what I wanted and didn't loose much since I started playing with the racket. I check the serial number on the racket grip with sunrise website and it is authentic. So, if you want to buy original Yonex rackets with a great customer service, I highly recommend Badminton Bay.


Pathum Weerawarna, US | 12-18-2018

APACS Badminton Racket order

Badminton Bay online was so easy to order. I like the custom netting and handle wrapping quality. Plus, my delivery arrived on time.


A Loc Chau, Markham | 12-11-2018

Abroz Nano Power Z-Smash

I’m very excited to get my hand on one of these. I been looking at the review and decided why not just get it. Before playing it, smashing was difficult for me to do until then, this racket made smashing easy to execute.


Vinson , Westminster, CA | 12-01-2018

Very happy customer!

Nice and friendly company to do business with. Great communication lines and speedy delivery too.
Very happy customer !


JOSEPH, UK | 11-29-2018

Li-Ning Ultra Strong US998 Badminton Racket 5U

This racket are head heavy and feel just like 305mm BP, yet quiet light as it is 80g. The feel and response from the frame is very solid as for medium stiff racket. Very powerful racket and not sluggish as the shaft is 7.2mm. The best racket so far for an affordable price. The racket is genuine as Badmintonbay product is the best seller. They gave me 2 pieces of their high quality small towel as a gift. Very recommended product and seller.


AUGUSTINE, MY | 11-26-2018

Purchase from Badminton Bay

The order was shipped promptly and correct. Will buy again


ray, Alhambra, CA | 11-18-2018

Apacs feather Weight 300

I never thought that my racket could be this good condition though i ordered it online. I was really happy with the shipping; fast shipment and reliable. Kee p it up mate. (I'm still planning to buy one extra one soon.)


joven, palau | 11-08-2018

Bro Package CHAMPS: Yonex Astrox 77 Blue + Yonex Arcsaber 11 Met

Fast shipment. Everything arrived in good shape. I'm new to badminton but friends I play with who are experienced players for many years say I got a great deal. These rackets should serve my needs for many years to come. Thank you Badminton Bay.


Paul Uyeda, US | 11-06-2018