Customer Testimonials

It has been a great exp. at Genuine products with good delivery times has been my favs. Customer service is commendable with really quick responses which helps in making the decision. I would request you to continue with same standards and always keep the personal touch in business. All the best and look forward to more business with you guys.


Anonymous, | 05-18-2019

Badminton Racket

Hi Badminton Bay, My son is happy with his new racket. He feels it has helped him improve his game. Thank you for sending it so quickly even though it is coming from overseas.


Michael Gee, San Francisco | 05-16-2019

Great experience

Highly recommend. Fast shipping. Will definitely buy again.


Raj, Toronto | 05-13-2019


I have ordered items from Badminton Bay for over 5 years! They have always provided high quality products and excellent customer service! The shipping is really fast too!! Thank you and I look forward to the continual partnership!


Richard Li, So San Francisco CA | 05-01-2019

Racquet review

I bought an Apacs Accurate 77 racquet. It is a good training racquet. It was shipped in a good amount of time, as stated. I am very happy with my purchase. The strings and wrap were excellent. Thank you!


Jonathan Fagan, Cedar Rapids | 04-24-2019


First time order but i would like to say best people to deal with professionalism and delivery before time


Zafar, London | 04-24-2019

friendly and efficient

In regards to your customer care you should be congratulated on your friendly and efficient approach this time and my last purchase I was so pleased that my racket went to my personal postage address saving me all the hassle of having to meet the carrier in a supermarket car park because they could not find my house in the campo, like my first purchase as long as this will continue then I will continue to use your products thanks!


michael Taylor bond, Spain | 04-19-2019

Raquets and ahoes

Bought both item and the shoes are ok but the raquets and the time it Took to get here was awsome


Daniel Johnson, Bidwill | 04-03-2019

extremely happy

This was my 2nd purchase from Badminton Bay and I am extremely happy with both rackets. The shipping was very quick to Australia/Melbourne, Rackets were packet in very well manner, free gifts were just add ons to the satisfaction. Thanks Badminton Bay. Wishing you all the best. Cheers!!!


Muhammad Mamun, Australia | 04-01-2019

I would recommend badminton bay

I have only been playing badminton a couple of years  and has taken me a while to gain a vague understand of tension, flex, head weight etc.... I knew my defensive game was quite strong so a lighter headlight racket suited me better.  In playing with friends I was also advised about string tension, which I had to look into further.  I searched a number of retailers but could not find anything which met all these specifications.  However badminton bay let me chose the string tension and had a wide range of frames.  So far I’ve played for a couple of weeks and can feel a massive difference.  I would recommend badminton bay to anyone looking to add to their game.


Simon Hart, UK | 03-26-2019