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Abroz Jump Rope Heavy Bearing Aluminium Handle PVC Skipping Rope with Bag
Features: 1. Aluminium Handles are made from high grade aluminum which can withstand high impacts. 2. 360° Swivel Bearing Design and Adjustable. 3. PVC Rope makes the high speed jump rope sturdier for a long life.  4. No tangle design...
US$19.90 US$13.90


Adjustable Hand Grip HG101 with Counter for Training
Specifications: - 5kg - 60kg adjustable range. - Sturdy and robust design - Size: Width 11cm, Length 17cm - Weight: 183g - Handle: Comfortable, rubberize and non-slip - Mechanical Counter Description: Ergonomically designed to fit most ha...
Apacs Wrist Trainer Bar Badminton Racket Grip
Apacs Wrist Trainer Bar Badminton Racket Grip
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Power UP! your game to the next level. Use the Apacs Wrist Trainer to increase strength of fingers, wrist, hand, forearms, biceps, triceps, ligament and shoulders. It is small and portable, making it convenient to be used anytime and anywhere. ...
CJ Resistance Band Natural Latex Elastic for Gym Exercise Workout
★ Material:Natural latex ( can be stretched repeatedly, not deformable) ★ You can workout arms muscles, legs muscles, abdominal muscles, and so on. ★ Different Color different strength ★ Premium quality and durable ★ Suitable for any fitness le...
US$5.90 US$4.70


Crossfit Heavy Skipping Rope 700g Weighted Foam Handle Bold PVC Glossy Jump Rope Fitness Training Strength Power
Everyone can easily use this convenient exercise tool in cross fitness training, boxing training or other professional sports training program to help you take your performance to an all new level. Features: 1. Heavy jump rope at 70...
US$29.90 US$20.90


Rotating Forearm Grip Arm Strengthener Wrist Power
Specifications: - Works inner and outer forearms - Works flexor, extensor and rotational forearm muscles which is important to generate power when smashing - Perfect for Badminton and any sports requiring forearm strength - Steel Spring Resistanc...
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