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Abroz Sports Silicone Eye Glasses Ear Hooks Grip Anti Slip Temple Tips (4 Pairs)
4 Pairs Silicone Temple Hook Glasses/Spectacle Holder Anti Slip Tip Ear Grip Secure your glasses and sunglasses during use. Anti-slip holder for the eyeglasses, ear hook. Perfect for sports & daily use. Super soft and light, comfortab...
Abroz String Tension Tester Gauge for Badminton Racket Measurement AZ-TT100
Abroz's String Tension Tester AZ-TT100 - used to measure Badminton Racket. Measure your badminton racket string tension to know your optimum or best tension performance. And identify when is the right time to re-string. Easy to operate, constr...
Apacs Badminton Racket Frame Protector - Increase BP by 5mm
The Apacs Racket Frame Protector is designed to protect the racket frame from abrasion damage. Increases racket head weight up to 1.15g and at the same time increasing Balance Center Point (BP) by 5mm. It is made of soft leather material and well...
Apacs Colourful Fused Grommet Set 2 Replacement for Badminton Racket
Apacs Colourful Fused Grommet Set 2 Replacement for Badminton Racket . Brand: Apacs Mixture of eyelets/grommet Gives the racket a trendy design at the same time produces slightly heavier head that provides extra kick on impact. Can be u...
Apacs Firm Grip Powder
Apacs Firm Grip Powder
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Apacs Firm Grip Powder: Non-slip, keep dry and comfort to ensure firm grip With special formulated powder for athletics who needs better performance Natural ingredient, no smell and non-toxic Aware: For External Use Only Net Weight: 100...
Apacs Grommet Set Replacement for Badminton Racket
Apacs Grommet Set for Badminton Racket. Brand: Apacs 60 pieces of Small size Grommet (for single pass) 30 pieces of Medium size Grommet (for double pass) 4 pieces of Even U shape grommet (grommet near T-Joint) 4 pieces of Slant U Shap...
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First Timer
Being a first time customer from the USA, I had my reservations. However, Badminton Bay exceeded my expectations. My transaction was securely processed. All four rackets I purchased were strung accordingly. The overgrips were done perfectly. The pricing is top notch and the products came as adver ...READ MORE...»

Jake , Plano Texas USA