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Apacs Indoor Badminton Net Nylon BN-001 BN-004 BN-005 BN-006
Apacs Indoor Badminton Net Nylon BN-001, BN-004, BN-005, BN-006 Apacs Badminton Net  BN-001 BN-004 BN-005 BN-006 Width 610 cm 610 cm 610 cm 610 cm Depth 76 cm 76 cm ...
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Yonex Voltric 10D...
I'm extremely satisfied with the perchase. Great customer service and fast shipping. It is hard to find a place to buy Yonex DG rackets here in Chicago.  About the racket, overall it is great. Even though it says 3U ( 85-89 g), with the grip, the racket weigh at 94.5 g, wich is technically 2 ...READ MORE...»

Pathum Weerawarna , US