Customer Testimonials

Will definitely recommend them

I recently purchased a featherweight 55 badminton racket from badminton bay since I can't find it elsewhere here in Canada. It arrive after two weeks and I was surprised to see the frame of the racket broken and popped outside of the unopened box. I emailed them right away about the problem and a guy named Mike Lai helped me with replacement. I know it has nothing to do with badminton bay and since it's the FedEX fault but Mr Mike Lai and his team showed professionalism, apologized to me and they made sure it won't happen again and sent me a replacement racket. I was expecting they will reduce the tension the second time just to be safe on their side but nope, they still gave me the tension I wanted. I am very happy and excited to try the world's lightest badminton racket! If I need to buy anything for my badminton needs I will definitely buy from them again and would recommend them to all my friends! Good job!


Jan, Victoria BC | 12-13-2016