Customer Testimonials

Yonex Voltric 10DG Durable Grade Badminton Racket

I'm extremely satisfied with the perchase. Great customer service and fast shipping. It is hard to find a place to buy Yonex DG rackets here in Chicago.  About the racket, overall it is great. Even though it says 3U ( 85-89 g), with the grip, the racket weigh at 94.5 g, wich is technically 2U. I was impressed by the stringining work that follows the original Yonex stringing guidelines, which I haven't seen when I strung my rackets in Chicago. Tension is exactly what I wanted and didn't loose much since I started playing with the racket. I check the serial number on the racket grip with sunrise website and it is authentic. So, if you want to buy original Yonex rackets with a great customer service, I highly recommend Badminton Bay.


Pathum Weerawarna, US | 12-18-2018