Customer Testimonials

Great website

I got recommended this website. I decided to buy the Apacs Edgesaber 10. The racket came in 14 days, or 11 business days. I am really happy about how the racket came in perfect new condition. They also strung the strings purple, which I really like. The string tension is correct and to my liking, and the sound of the racket hitting the birdie is incredible. This racket is more for control, accuracy, and speed, not much for smashes. I am not saying the smashes are weak, but I personally feel like the smash is the weakest factor of the racket compared to the other things. Strung at 27 lbs. Yonex BG65. One downside, the free PU hyper grip that came with the racket, mine was orange and I really dislike the color. The grippiness is amazing but I just don't like the color. Black would've been perfect. I also bought the Apacs Nano 9900 at the time of this review. I am hoping that it is a really good racket and that it lives up to it's reviews. I strung this racket at 25 lbs. Yonex BG65.


Eric L, San Lorenzo | 02-06-2019