Customer Testimonials

Abroz Nano 9900 Power Racket

Excellent service and fast delivery to the UK (about a week!)

I very rarely leave reviews but this racket. Wow. It has honestly been a game changer for me! Literally. A huge Yonex fan now fully converted to this new brand, Abroz. Strung with Bg66um the accuracy and power in my shots have felt a significant increase. Lightweight racket definitely leaning towards head heavy - aren’t these the specs everybody wants in a racket?

I’m 5’4” petite female. Been playing for just over 4 years. Beginner to intermediate doubles. Club player in local league. Feathers. Already fast around the net so wanted to find a racket that does not drag a heavy slow head. Abroz Nano 9900 Power delivers. Also, and possibly most importantly, being so ‘delicate’, need some power when pushed to the back of the court or when playing ladies doubles. Again this racket pulls out all the stops and performs impressively. Clears and smashes are a wheeze. I’ve been so impressed by this racket that I’ve put both Yonex rackets away and purchased another 9900 in the fear that when I need a restring I’ll have to go back to (what now feels like) my Voltric brick. I have honestly been very happy with Yonex so far but can not justify almost £200 for a racket of the same caliber as this wonderful Abroz. Please don’t be put off by a new brand trying to break into the market. This racket is an absolute winner. Have no hesitation and just buy one. You won’t regret it!


Suzanne Medlock, UK | 10-16-2020