Customer Testimonials


Great buying experience w you guys great racket as well.


stanley , Winnipeg

Apacs Stern 90 from Badminton Bay

Badminton Bay is excellent. Quick, reliable, personalized service. Was impressed when with my first purchase I needed an address change after the order and I was contacted promptly by WhatsApp and everything sorted out. I have bought Apacs and Yonex raquets and Yonex feather shuttlecocks and every transaction was perfect. I am now sold on the Apacs brand. My last purchase, an Apacs Stern 90 strung at 23Lbs, has been really responsive and suited to my very aggressive play. Sounds and responds wonderfully for smashes and is so light and well-balanced that it makes my mediocre defense seem much better. To my mind, the quality and price point for Apacs definitely makes it the best value out there. Have been telling my friends about the service and the quality of the raquets.


Eaton, Kingston, Jamaica

Win Big Tournament

I recved my rackets realy so nice & lovely, yesterday I Winn big tournament in Manchester uk, we playid vanguard 11 rad on excelled parfomans. Thank so much.


Fokhrul, UK

Happy with Quality and Impressed with Shipping

I was very happy with the quality of your service and very impressed with the little time needed to receive my items.
I knew about the quality of the item i bought: they were like expected...perfect ! I hope you will continue with such a great job !
I will do again business with you with pleasure ! (in fact i already did..)


Pierre-Henri, Switzerland

Thanks for your good service

Hi Congrats to u Catherine n Mike for yr patience in giving so good service to me.  I checked on badminton forums too & I think u guys r doing a gr8 job. The whole world appreciate u. Keep it up. U guys r a blessing to the badminton world. GOD BLESS U & Badminton Bay. 

Now that I've found Badminton Bay I'm very happy. Life is much easier as a Coach to source & get my badminton things for my students etc.


Coach Tan, Malaysia

Good service . I got my rackets less than a week . I purchased 17 rackets within weeks . Most of the rackets i bought it for my students . I myself like the model 899 and N Fore iii Yellow and Red . I have to Thanks to Mike Lai to help me .


Tam, USA

Great discounts

I never find the same racket cheaper anywhere else. Badminton Bay is the way!


Ali, Seattle

It is really appreciated how prompt and efficient your service was. I received my pair of Badminton Shoes on scheduled day. Thanks and I would recommend your company to my friends here. Thanks.


Dev, Canada

I've received the racket. It looks great, cant wait to test it, keep it up guys.!! Love it <3


Trung, USA

Recent Purchase

I recently purchased a badminton racket and shoes from Badminton Bay and am pleased to report that the materials received were as offered and delivered on a very speedy basis. I will be making Badminton Bay my source for future purchases and encourage other badminton players to do the same.


Ron Fenn, T or C, NM USA