2 pieces Apacs 2 Compartments Padded Badminton Racket Bag AP2520 ( Red and Black )


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AP2520 2pieces Black Red

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2x Apacs 2 Compartments Padded Badminton Racket Bag AP2520 (red and black)

Each bag has:

  • 2 Compartments for rackets. (Can fit up to 6-8 rackets)
  • 2 Backpack straps.
  • High Quality Fabric.
  • Dimension: L71cm x H31cm x W23cm


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Good choice - Fle...
My shoulder was kinda sore after played badminton using my Apacs Nano 9900 with 24 lbs string. I wasn't sure if the racquet was too light or the string was too high for me. So, I bought Fleet Z-Force II with 22 lbs string and I don't feel that kind of sore any more, and it's nice racquet as well."

Helen , CA, USA