Yonex AeroSensa 50 Badminton Goose Feather Shuttlecock AS50 (Speed 3 / 77)

Yonex AeroSensa 50 Badminton Goose Feather Shuttlecock AS50 (Speed 3 / 77)
Brand: Yonex
Product Code: AeroSensa 50
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YONEX Feather Shuttlecocks are precision-manufactured to ensure the correct speed, distance and stability performance.

Join the legions of players who turn to the AS-50 shuttlecock to maximize their level of play on the court.  The top-selling, most versatile model from the series always gives a strong performance with a uniform trajectory and short recovery time to set you up for game-winning plays.

The base is made of 100% solid cork, and the cone is made of goose feathers: a high-quality combination that optimizes your results on the court.

The AS-50 is ideal for mid-level to professional play.


  • Feather: Goose
  • Speed : 3 (77)
  • Quantity: 1 Tube (12 shuttlecocks)


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Mong Joe Lor , Charlotte, NC, USA