Apacs Aero-Space 800 Badminton Nylon Shuttlecock (6 pieces in a tube) : Green Line - Slow Speed


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Aero-Space 800 Green

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High quality nylon shuttlecocks that emulates precise feather shuttlecocks specifications. It offers similar consistency and provides better durability.
Apacs Aero-Space 800 nylon shuttlecocks have been tested for amateur to intermediate games. It is made and crafted for quality and playability. Great for badminton practice sessions and outdoor games.


Material : Nylon
    Quantity: 6 pieces (Half Dozen)
    Speed : Slow ( Green Line )


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Awesome service a...
I was skeptical about ordering an Apacs racket having played with a Yonex my whole life. A friend recommended Apacs and I took a chance (ordered a Stern 90 Offensive for my doubles play) and I must say, I've been very pleased with the product. I've not used my Yonex Nanoray or Arcsaber since I go ...READ MORE...ยป

Vivek Pant , Charlotte