Abroz Badminton Sports Socks SC110 Grey (2 pairs)


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Walk, run and jump with comfort and confidence in the Abroz Socks.
Socks designed with badminton players in mind.

Badminton is a game that involves movements and it's taking toll on a player's toes. These socks features ridges on top that snugs fitly on feet.

They are thick and comfortable socks to give players confidence to move forward. 

Socks also come with reinforced seams that don't wear out easily. Design of socks with dark color at bottom of socks prevents visible dirt.

  • Fabric: 85% Cotton, 15% Spandex
  • Quantity: 2 pairs
  • ​Size : Generally fits feet from UK5 to UK11
  • Measurement : Length 18cm, Height 12cm, Width 8cm
  • Model: SC110
  • Color : Grey
  • Washing machine and dryer safe

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