Apacs Colourful Towel APA888 Sports Wrist Band For Sweat Absorption (1 pair / 2 pieces)


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1 pair APA888 wrist band

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Apacs Colourful Towel APA888 Sports Wrist Band For Sweat Absorption  (1 pair / 2 pieces)  

  • To be worn on wrist for sweat absorption and anti-hand sliding due to sweat
  • Composition : 83.5% Cotton, 12.9% Polyester, 3.1% Elastic, 0.5% Spandex
  • Size : 8cm
  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)
  • 6 Colors Available - Blue, Grey, White, Yellow, Black, Red
  • Model: APA888
  • Machine wash cold.



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I posted about the Grommet in APACS NANO FUSION 722 was incorrect, but after doing some research it is the way it is supposed to be. I take that comment back!! Badminton Bay is a very professional company, they followed up with me, I sent them pictures and found out that the grommets are differen ...READ MORE...ยป

Karthik , United States