5 pieces Apacs Elite (0.67mm) Badminton String


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  • Gauge: 0.67mm
  • Length: 10m
  • Product Model: Elite
  • Quantity : 5
  • Colour : Randomly selected from Light Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Violet

Apacs ELITE strings are engineered to be thinner (Gauge 0.67mm) with braided high quality multi-filament, more resilient and tougher than any other racket strings manufactured today.Utilizing the latest "Dipping Process" technology to deliver added advantage.

Apacs string provides superb power, feel and control for those demanding players.

Superior repulsion and hi-hitting sound dampening performance that delivers sensitive control without the loss of solid kill.

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Overall the guys loved the product that they had purchased.  Me and my family owns 2 wrex, lurid 23, raptor mk1, sensuous 686 and a virtuoso 50. Just sad though some items like shoes for instance  didnt have the ladies sizes on. The only one complain I got so far was a string that br ...ยป

Vinod , Kuwait