Felet Arcana 80L Plus Badminton Racket (4U-G1)

Felet Arcana 80L Plus Badminton Racket (4U-G1)
Felet Arcana 80L Plus Badminton Racket (4U-G1) Felet Arcana 80L Plus Badminton Racket (4U-G1) Felet Arcana 80L Plus Badminton Racket (4U-G1) Felet Arcana 80L Plus Badminton Racket (4U-G1) Felet Arcana 80L Plus Badminton Racket (4U-G1)
Brand: Felet
Product Code: Arcana 80L+
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Tap into your capabilities with Felet's Arcana 80L Plus, a badminton racket meticulously crafted for optimal performance, unveiling hidden dimensions of your potential.

The Arcana 80L Plus features a state-of-the-art Arcana frame, engineered for exceptional durability and unparalleled power. The frame's robust construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of intense rallies, providing you with a reliable partner on the court.

Arcana 80L Plus is equipped with Felet's Control Shaft System for precision play, hence, it offers unparalleled control and accuracy. Its lengthened shaft, compared to the Arcana 80S, is meticulously designed to enhance your ability to maneuver the shuttle with precision, giving you the edge in every shot.

The Arcana 80L Plus is your go-to racket for a perfect blend of style and exceptional badminton performance. This racket is suitable for beginners to intermediate players who like tactical style of playing.

Felet Arcana 80L Plus Specifications
Frame Material: Hi Modulus Graphite + 28-tonne Nano Science + Arcana Frame
Shaft Material: Hi Modulus Graphite + Control Shaft System + Slim Shaft
Flex: Medium
Weight: 84g +/- 2 (4U-G1)
Length: 675mm +/- 2
Max Tension:

36 lbs

Balance: 290mm +/- 5 (Slightly Head heavy)
Grommet: 76 Holes
Color: Black Gold

Below are recommended string tension guideline:
Click HERE for further reading on string tension

Beginners: 19-21 lbs
Intermediate: 22-24 lbs
Advanced: 25-27 lbs
Professional: 28 lbs

Special Features

Isometric head frame

Equalizes the length of main and cross strings in the stringbed, enlarging the sweet-spot for more consistent accuracy even on off-center hits.

Arcana Frame

The Triple Speed System is developed to achieve the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racket handling. Resulting in instant power during smash and making a full swing easy during short range rallies.

Control Shaft System

Offers unparalleled control and accuracy. The shaft is meticulously designed to enhance maneuverability of the shuttle with precision, giving players an edge in every shot.

Slim Shaft 
Cutting edge nano carbon technology is used to produce an ultra-thin, ultra-tough, aerodynamic shaft, created for a faster, stronger and more intense shot.

76 Grommets System

This single-pass grommet holes construction provides more grommet holes, creating a high-performance stringing pattern that puts 7% more durability.


Racket Specifications
Frame Hi Modulus Graphite + 28-tonne Nano Science + Arcana Frame
Shaft Hi Modulus Graphite + Control Shaft System + Slim Shaft
Flex Medium
Weight 84g +/- 2 (4U-G1)
Max Tension 36 lbs
Length 675mm +/- 3
Balance Point 290mm +/- 5 (Slightly Head heavy)
Grommets 76 holes
Shaft Diameter 6.9mm
Color Black Gold
Special Features Isometric Head Frame; Arcana Frame; Control Shaft System; Slim Shaft ; 76 Grommets System;
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