Fleet High Tension Frame 11 Metallic Black With Blue Stripes Badminton Racket (4U)


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High Tension Frame 11 Blue 4U

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The Fleet High Tension Frame is built with strong and powerful design that helps players to execute their smashes strongly and more accurately. 
Very well balanced and awesome to play with, and with the price over performance, it gives you the best value for money. Racket is black in base color with stripes that come in 3 special colors.

Fleet High Tension Frame Specifications
Frame Material: Hi Modulus Graphite + Power Frame
Shaft Material: Hi Modulus Graphite
Flex: Medium
Weight: 85g +/- 2 (4U-G2)
Length: 675mm +/- 2
Max Tension:

40 lbs * please refer below for string tension guide

Balance: 290mm +/- 2
Grommet: 76 Holes
Color: Black with Blue Stripes

Below are recommended string tension guideline:
Click HERE for further reading on string tension

Beginners: 19-21 lbs
Intermediate: 22-24 lbs
Advanced: 25-27 lbs
Professional: 28 lbs

Special Features

Isometric head frame

Equalizes the length of main and cross strings in the stringbed, enlarging the sweet-spot for more consistent accuracy even on off-center hits.

Reinforced Structure Frame

The new material is adopted in the frame in order to make the frame Ultra high Strength & Stiffness. As a result it can handle string tension of up to 35lbs.

Aero-Box Frame

Aero design decreases air resistance and combining box shape to get solid structure, creates a solid hitting feel and quick swing.

76 Grommets System

This single-pass grommet holes construction provides more grommet holes, creating a high-performance stringing pattern that puts 7% more durability.


Racket Specifications
Frame Hi Modulus Graphite + Power Frame
Shaft Hi-Modulus Graphite
Flex Medium
Weight 85g +/- 2 (4U-G2)
Max Tension 40 lbs
Length 675mm +/- 2
Balance Point 290mm +/- 2
Grommets 76 holes
Shaft Diameter 7.0mm
Color Black with Blue Stripes
Special Features Isometric Head Frame; Reinforced Structure Frame; Aero-Box Frame; 76 Grommets System

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