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Apacs Nano Fusion 722 Speed

I ordered my first Nano Fusion 722 Speed three years ago, and I never got disappointed. I still use it, and even if the string was changed a few times, the racket itself never showed any sign of weakening. And that's the very reason why I just purchased two new Nano Fusion Speed rackets...agai n ! It is a very quick and defensive racket (due to its 76g feather weight), but as I do have some weaknesses in the wrist, it is the perfect racket for me to play a bit more offensively. My only regret concerning this product is its price : it has been raised by 28% in three years... Anyway. Thank you for delivering such good products so far from Malaysia (I live in France), any chance I have to talk about you, be assured I'll do it ;) Sporting ely


Paul A., Poitiers | 05-12-2017