Yonex Lee Chong Wei LCW Men Round Neck T-Shirt 16217YEX Dark Pink


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LCW 16217YEX Dark Pink

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Yonex’s advanced technology ensures you stay comfortable and keep cool even while you serve an ace or hit a powerful smash on the court. 
This high-performing T-shirt prevents heat build-up, allowing you to keep your cool on the court while powering up your game. Be well supported as you execute powerful smashes and lightning moves in your bid to ace your game. 

Special Feature : 
Carbon Impregnated Conductive Fibre are woven into the stitch of the clothing, hence helps in preventing the uncomfortable feel of static electricity when you put a garment on and off.

Material : 100% Polyester

Yonex Shirts Size Chart

Asian Size USA Size Europe Size Chest Circumference
(In inches & cm)
Body Length
(In inches & cm)
M XS S 36-38" (100-104cm) 27-29" (69-72cm)
L S M 38-40" (106-109cm) 29-30" (72-74cm)
XL M L 40-42" (111-115cm) 30-31" (74-76cm)

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Karthik , United States