Apacs Sports Cushion Wrap Foam Grip 27m (1 roll) for Badminton Squash Tennis Racket AP509


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Apacs Sports Wrap Foam Grip 27m (1 roll) for Badminton Squash Tennis Racket AP509.

Super soft thin foam wrap for your rackets used as cushioning underneath your existing grips. This product helps to reduce vibration and provides comfort during your game without adding weight to your racket. Wrap foam grips can be used longer and need not be changed at every grip change. 

It is used best with overgrips.

  • Material: Synthetic Foam
  • Actual Width: 6.5 cm
  • Length: 27 m
  • Quantity: 1 roll
  • Color may vary depending on stock available.


1.    Remove all existing grips from racket handle.
2.    Unroll the foam grip to about a foot long. 
3.    Place edge of foam grip on the racket handle‚Äôs wood (you can start at either end of the handle). 
4.    Start wrapping by turning your racket gently and slightly overlapping the foam grip.
5.    Pull foam grip just tight enough without breaking the foam grip during the process. Continue toward the other direction.
5.    Stop when you have achieved the desired thickness.
6.    Simply pull to peel off foam grip. Grip sticks by itself without the use of any adhesives.
7.    Finish by wrapping overgrips on top of the foam grip.
8.    Replace foam grip when foam  is compressed and cushioning not felt anymore.

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Uplifted game fro...
My backhand improved quite a bit using the new APACs and being left-handed, that is absolutely essential to gain. The Virtusso gaves me the extra power I need to hit with backhand and I love it. so far the buying experience was very good and even my friends in Sydney are asking for them."

Bert Ye , Hong Kong