Warranty Registration

Badminton Bay Warranty Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the limited warranty from BADMINTON BAY in respect of badminton racket(s) distributed by BADMINTON BAY and purchased from Badminton Bay (“Limited Warranty”).

2.           The Limited Warranty is valid worldwide to the original purchaser of the badminton racket(s) and is not assignable or transferable.

3.           The Limited Warranty must be registered online at www.badmintonbay.com/warranty within 14 days from date of products received.

5.           The Limited Warranty is valid for 12 months (to be revised by Badminton Bay from time to time without further notice) from the Purchase Date (“Warranty Period”) and upon successful registration of the warranty contract on-line. In the absence of any on-line registration, the Limited Warranty period shall be reduced to 1 month from the Purchase Date, unless otherwise specified.

6.           The Limited Warranty covers manufacturing under normal use subject to these terms and conditions.

7.           During the Warranty Period, Badminton Bay will provide replacement rackets or parts thereof covered by the Limited Warranty without charge. Any handling, transportation, delivery and other incidental charges in respect of the racket replacement may be borne by the Purchaser.

8.           All decisions made by Badminton Bay in respect of the racket replacement  shall be conclusive and the Purchaser agrees to be bound by such decisions. Any defective badminton racket(s) or part thereof replaced shall become the property of Badminton Bay.

9.           The Limited Warranty does not cover:

(a)         Loss or damage to badminton racket(s) due to: (i) abuse and/or tampering by any person other than the authorized personnel of Badminton Bay; (ii) negligence, failure and/or misuse (including foreign object, accident, improper storage, exposure to moisture, excessive temperature, sand, dust, dirt, other pollution or other environmental (iii) Application of string tension level over the recommended 30 lbs. In such event, Badminton Bay reserves the right to cancel the Limited Warranty coverage immediately.

(b)         Consumable items, accessories and optional items (including badminton string, racket handle grip, racket cover, racket bag).

10.         To the extent allowed by the applicable local law, the remedies in the Limited Warranty are the Purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedies. Badminton Bay shall not be liable for loss of data or any incidental, indirect or consequential damages (including loss of anticipated benefits or profits) whether based on contract, tort or otherwise, relating to or arising out of the badminton racket(s).

11.         No implied warranty, including that of satisfactory or merchantable quality or fitness for a particular purpose, applies to the badminton racket(s) after the Warranty Period. Except as provided in the Warranty Card, no other warranty (expressed or implied) or guarantee given by any other party in respect of the Equipment shall bind Badminton Bay.


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