Maxx Vireal V2 Black Badminton Racket 5U-G6

Maxx Vireal V2 Black Badminton Racket 5U-G6
Maxx Vireal V2 Black Badminton Racket 5U-G6 Maxx Vireal V2 Black Badminton Racket 5U-G6 Maxx Vireal V2 Black Badminton Racket 5U-G6 Maxx Vireal V2 Black Badminton Racket 5U-G6 Maxx Vireal V2 Black Badminton Racket 5U-G6
Brand: Maxx
Product Code: Vireal V2 Black
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The Maxx Vireal V2 badminton racket stands among the remarkable products crafted by the visionary company Maxx, now proudly introduced as the newest addition to our esteemed collection of Malaysian branded badminton rackets. Maxx is renowned for its unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of sports, continuously striving to innovate and inspire players worldwide.

The advanced material composition used in Vireal V2 badminton racket ensures exceptional strength, durability, and enhanced shot accuracy. The Vireal V2's sleek and modern design appeals to players aged 20 to 50, making it a must-have racket for the stylish and discerning athlete. 

This badminton racket is suitable for beginner to intermediate players.

Maxx Vireal V2 Specifications
Frame Material: 30T High Modulus Graphite with Hot Melt Technology + Muscle Power Frame
Shaft Material 30T High Modulus Graphite
Flex: Medium
Weight: 77.5g +/- 2.5 (5U-G6)
Length: 675mm +/- 2
Max Tension:

30 lbs

Balance: 300mm +/-2 (Head heavy)
Grommet: 76 Holes
Color: Black


Special Features

Isometric head frame
Equalizes the length of main and cross strings in the stringbed, enlarging the sweet-spot for more consistent accuracy even on off-center hits.

Reinforced Structure Frame
The new material is adopted in the frame in order to make the frame Ultra high Strength & Stiffness. As a result it can handle string tension of up to 35lbs.

Muscle Power Frame
Muscle Power feature at top of frame seats the string on rounded archways that eliminate stress-load and fatigue through contact friction. The construction creates total unity of the string and frame through closer-and-tighter contact. Gives high repulsion power and sharp shots.

Aero + Box Frame
Aero design decreases air resistance and combining box shape to get solid structure, creates a solid hitting feel and quick swing.

Low Aero Dynamic
The racket is engineered with a high-speed frame to minimize air resistance when swinging, to enhance maneuverability, swing speed, and overall performance.

76 Grommets System
This single-pass grommet holes construction provides more grommet holes, creating a high-performance stringing pattern that puts 7% more durability.



Racket Specifications
Frame 30T High Modulus Graphite with Hot Melt Technology + Muscle Power Frame
Shaft 30T High Modulus Graphite
Flex Medium
Weight 77.5g +/- 2.5 (5U-G6)
Max Tension 30lbs
Length 675mm +/- 2
Balance Point 300mm +/-2 (Head heavy)
Grommets 76 Holes
Color Black
Special Features Isometric head frame; Reinforced Structure Frame; Muscle Power Frame; Aero + Box Frame; Low Aero Dynamic; 76 Grommets System
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